Hat Creek Cattle - Aug. 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month

Hat Creek Cattle - Aug. 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month

Fans of the Lonesome Dove TV series and book by Larry McMurtry will relish having this inspired interpretation of the pivotal Hat Creek Cattle Company sign included in their lives.

Hat Creek Cattle Co. vintage wood sign from Lonesome Dove

Sign Design

As one would expect, the main text of this vintage wood sign is the company name:

Hat Creek Cattle Co. & Livery Emporium

The sign is centered on the silhouette of a roping cowboy and the head of a longhorn. 

Of course the sign includes "We Don't Rent Pigs" and has the proprietors names: Augustus McCrae & Woodrow F. Call.

Latin Motto

Famously the sign contains the Latin phase "Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit."

A literal translation is often reported as something like: A grape changes hue (i.e., ripens) when it sees another grape. In the context of Lonesome Dove, it could be understood as "our lives are changed by those around us."

Aesthetic: color vs monochromatic

The TV show and most other reproductions of the Hat Creek Cattle Co. sign are plain wood boards with black lettering (i.e., monochromatic). We believe our slightly more artistic interpretation, while still authentic to the book, provides a more appealing and pleasing piece of wall art. The use of color catches the eye and provides a better visual experience.

Lonesome Dove, TX sign hanging above a couch against a wood paneled wall. Latin motto and we don't rent pigs!

Room Design

The Hat Creek Cattle Co. sign, with its muted colors, would work well in almost any room. But it would be particularly well suited to a home theater or Western themed room. Of course it is almost custom made for a ranch or working cattle operation.

Lake houses or mountain cabins along the trail routes from the book would also be perfect. From Texas to Montana, a home in any state along the trail would be proud to display such an iconic sign.

Hat Creek Cattle Co. Sign Size

This vintage wood sign is available in three sizes (portrait orientation): 

  • Medium (15" x 26")
  • Large (20" x 32")
  • Extra Large (25" x 40")

The sign is designed to be printed directly on wood. We believe this provides the richest texture and the vintage look & feel the artist intended. But wood is not always the best material if your sign will be outside, and especially if it will be exposed to the weather.

Alternatively, this sign can be made on metal (instead of wood) if it will be displayed outdoors.

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