July 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month - Quarter Barrel Signs

July 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month - Quarter Barrel Signs

Vintage Wood Signs now offers a new and unique form of wood signs – Quarter Barrel Signs. These customizable signs have an appealing design and text on the barrel head. These barrel signs are designed to look as if the end of a barrel was cut-off, leaving about 3 inches of barrel remaining. The result is wall art that has dimension, sticking out from the wall 3” and with a metal ring (or hoop) for holding the staves (wood parts that make up the barrel) together.

All our barrel signs can be personalized. Make each sign uniquely yours by adding your family or business name. These distinctive signs make a great decoration for a home bar area, game room, man cave or kitchen. For businesses, customize a sign that relates to your establishment and add a special touch to your décor.

Examples include:

Restaurant & Café Signs



Bar & Pub Signs




Wine & Winery Signs




Game Room & Home Theater Signs



Select a design, personalize the text, and place your order. It couldn’t be easier to add a distinctive piece of wall art to your home or business.

As an added bonus, many of our Quarter Barrel Signs have a 3D relief as part of the design - adding an additional dimension and feature to the wall art.

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