Classic Wooden Boat - Sept. 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month

Classic Wooden Boat - Sept. 2022 Vintage Sign of the Month

Our Classic Wooden Boat vintage wood sign celebrates one of the greatest runabouts ever made. Sometimes referred to as “the Steinways of motorboats,” Hacker Craft mahogany runabouts have ruled the waterways from Lake Tahoe to the Great Lakes to New York’s Finger Lakes.

The Dolphin model shown in this image has a triple-cockpit design…a fine example of the golden age of wooden boats, when massive gas engines were squeezed into luxurious speedboats to provide an unprecedented thrill. These sleek mahogany speedsters set the standard for recreational boating.

Other makers like Dodge, Chris Craft, and Gar Wood built similar runabouts, but the craftsmanship of a Hacker Craft is thought by many to be the peak of perfection.

classic wood boat; Dolphin by Hacker

You can personalize the text to reflect your favorite boating location. Replace “Michigan” and “The Great Lakes State” with your own text.

This classic boat image is printed directly on tongue and grove boards. The natural texture and imperfections of the wood provides a weathered, vintage look.

Sign is available in three sizes:

  • Small – 15” x 26”
  • Medium – 20” x 32”
  • Large – 25” x 40”

For display outside, we also offer this vintage sign on metal.

 runabout wooden boat on Lake Michigan; old wood sign


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