Welcome to the Lake - May 2023 Vintage Signs of the Month

Welcome to the Lake - May 2023 Vintage Signs of the Month

Once upon a time, in a picturesque town nestled by the serene shores of a sparkling lake, there stood a humble lake house. Surrounded by towering pines and embraced by the soothing whispers of nature, this abode served as a sanctuary for all who sought solace in its tranquil embrace.

vintage wood signs "Welcome to the Lake" wall art with a Heron.


The lake house had a charm of its own, but its residents yearned to imbue their dwelling with a touch of warmth and character, something that would truly make it their own. And so, they embarked on a quest to find the perfect piece of décor that would capture the essence of their beloved home.

Their search led them to a quaint local shop, its shelves lined with treasures crafted by skilled artisans. Amidst the wooden sculptures, delicate ceramics, and intricate tapestries, their eyes fell upon a rustic wood sign from Vintage Wood Signs. It bore the enchanting words, "Welcome to the Lake," beckoning all who entered to embrace the beauty that awaited them.

But it wasn't just the words that caught their attention. Upon the wooden canvas was a stunning image of a heron, gracefully wading in the tranquil waters of a lake. Its elegance and poise seemed to mirror the very spirit of their beloved lake house.

The residents were delighted to learn that this sign was the creation of the talented artist Suzanne Nicoll, whose artwork had captured the hearts of many. Her attention to detail and ability to evoke emotions through her designs were truly unparalleled.

Knowing they had discovered something truly special, the residents eagerly brought the sign home. They carefully hung it on a wall, its warm hues seamlessly blending with the rustic charm of the house. As daylight filtered through the windows, it cast a gentle glow upon the heron, as if the bird had come to life, welcoming all who crossed the threshold.

Friends and family, enchanted by the charm of the lake house, were captivated by the beauty of the wood sign. Each visitor felt an immediate connection to the serene image, as if it whispered stories of sunsets mirrored in still waters and the joyful laughter that echoed across the lake's expanse.

As days turned into seasons, the lake house became a gathering place for laughter, love, and cherished memories. The wood sign, adorned with Suzanne Nicoll's heron in the lake, witnessed it all. It stood as a silent witness to the joyous reunions of long-lost friends, the heartfelt conversations shared by flickering fires, and the peaceful moments of solitude found in the embrace of nature.

And so, the rustic wood sign became more than just a piece of décor. It became a symbol of belonging, a reminder of the precious moments that unfolded within the walls of the lake house. Its image of the heron in the lake became etched in the memories of all who graced its presence, forever intertwined with the cherished tales of their time by the water's edge.


suzanne nicoll's lake house welcome wall decor


In the years that followed, the lake house continued to welcome new faces, each finding solace in its embrace. The wooden sign, weathered by time and imbued with the spirit of Nicoll's artistry, remained a steadfast guardian of the lake house's legacy.

Today, as the sun sets on the shores of the lake, casting vibrant hues across the sky, the heron stands tall, a timeless reminder of the love and belonging found within the walls of the lake house. And all who enter, captivated by its rustic charm and Suzanne's artistic touch, feel a sense of wonder and gratitude, knowing they have arrived at a place where memories are made and cherished for a lifetime.




Story by ChatGPT

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