Sun Valley Skiing - Jan. 2023 Vintage Signs of the Month

Sun Valley Skiing - Jan. 2023 Vintage Signs of the Month

A vintage advertisement for the iconic Sun Valley ski resort. This old wood sign shows a skier jumping with the valley and Sawtooth Mountains in the background.

The text reads: "Sun Valley. Ski Lessons. Rentals. Fun for All!. Splendid Steam Heated Rms. With Radio, Blinds (Shared Bath). DBLS. $3 to 7.50. Coffee Shop. Cocktail Lounge. Train Station & Telegraph Ser. Nearby." 

I love this sign because it harkens back to Sun Valley's glamour's days when movie stars mingled with the local skiers. And they all probably had to arrive on the train.

This vintage sign makes the perfect gift for anyone who visits Sun Valley.

The iconic image is printed directly on tongue and groove wood boards, giving each sign a unique, vintage look and feel. 

Love the sign but prefer a different ski resort? No problem, we can customize the text to your favorite old school ski area.

sun valley ski resort old wood sign


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