About Our Dartboards

Dartboard comes in a fun and unique cabinet. The cabinet has a coated finish meant to absorb the toughest of impacts. 

The dartboard is two sided, on one side you can play a traditional game of darts, like 301 or cricket variations. On the other, there is an exciting alternative in baseball darts. 

The magnetic door lock will keep the doors from swinging out and obstructing your rooms, while printed directly onto the doors are scoreboards for both Darts and Cricket. The hinges of the door feature an antique brass finish to complete the classic look of this cabinet.

Set includes:

  • Cabinet
  • Dartboard
  • Two Sets of Steel Tip Starter Darts
  • Chalk & Eraser
  • Easy to Use Mounting Hardware for Quick Installation

Dimensions: 21” x 21.5” x 2.125”

Custom printed in the USA. Cabinet and dartboard from China.